Special investigation : Spies, Lords and predators

Exposing the very real and very well protected pedophile network working in Westminster. But make no mistake, it is all over the world endemic in the USA and beyond. Franklin Scandal and onwards it is very real, very sick and satanic.


Justin Bieber “Where Are U Now” Occult images

The Justin Beiber video “Where Are U Now” is an exercise in occult imagery, monarch mind control and Illuminati symbolism. Included are two videos, one the official video and then the same video slowed down frame by frame.


Justin inside the Illuminati Pyramid


Justin surrounded by drawing sent in by his fans…. who just happen to be well versed in occult imagery, from the all seeing eye to the Freemasons symbol. Moreover he is chained to it, symbolising who his masters are,

ebebf3b6a09bfd7fdea55a89230a6e4a kabbalah-the-tree-of-life

Again his fans are knowledgable about magic and mysticism. Such as the Kabbalah tree of life. Jewish witchcraft for want of a better expression.


They also seem to be of the opinion that Bush “did 911” Perfect for a music video about his feelings?


“The greatest trick I ever did” Satan on his making people think he does not exist.


Kill the poor, hand jobs for God, Love the devil back.


One of many phallic symbols in the 4 minute video.


Lake Worth appears at least twice in this video. Why? Predictive programming?

Headlines of the day 6/9/2015

The Paedophile ring that encircles British Politics (BeforeitsNews)  2012 but very relevant now

Lord Janner re-appointed to law committee despite “dementia” (ExaroNews) 

Three Women name former Liberal Democrat MP as Paedophile (ExaroNews) 

Kincora staff took boys to Europa for sexual abuse by guests (ExaroNews) 

Plans for FEMA camp roundups have spread to all English speaking nations (BeforeItsNews)

Lord Janner claim investigated by Police Scotland (BBC) 

Biderberg 2015: Official agenda and attendee list- Bilderberg chooses Hilary Clinton for 2016 (InteliHub) 

Headlines of the day 6/8/2015


MoD sought sensitive children’s data for possible recruitment drive (RT) 

Hacked E-mails expose George Soros as Ukraine puppet-Master ( Zero Hedge)

US Intelligence responds “No Comment” to questions of support for ISIS (Activist Post) 

Your Facebook, Twitter and blog are about to be monitored for references to the Government (Metro.co.uk) 

Gardasil survivors in Ireland launch support group (Activist Post)

Headlines of the day 5/3/2015

Police raid Harvey Proctor’s home in child sex abuse investigation (Telegraph) 

Police raid Harvey Proctor’s home under “operation Midland” (ExaroNews) 

Harvey Proctor denies attending Dolphin Square sex parties (ExaroNews) 

Horrific leaked video of an execution of a terrified 11 year old child by alleged Obama backed militia’s in Iraq (beforeit’snews)

Hilary Clinton’s off the books mail server was in her house, registered to non existent man (Breitbart.com) 

Brother of 9/11 victim goes to court with the BBC over alleged cover up (David Icke.com)

Demands to shut down Homan Square grow, 1,500 people expected to protest Saturday (Beforeit’snews) 

Headlines of The Day 3/2/2015

Senior counter-terrorism official- “Travellers, women may not be allowed to leave London, Terror to blame, passports can be revoked. (Intellihub)

Iraq Popular forces release photo’s of downed US Helicopter CARRYING arms for ISIS (FARSnews) 

Unmasked: Just how “well known” was Jihadi John prior to staged ISIS beeadings (21st Century Wire)

DHS admits: We stage domestic terrorism (videos) (B4IN)

All Texans to be tracked like dogs under ominous Big Brother vaccine database (Natural News) 

On The Trail Of The Pedophile Elite In World Governments books and videos

With regard to the latest news from the UK about historical sexual abuse by government ministers and people “close” to government, enclosed here is a compendium of evidence that shows that this is not just a UK problem, but a worldwide problem that no one has the tenacity to believe and expose to a wider audience.

There are some people who, regardless of the danger and the ridicule they may face from controlled media have decided to expose this real, present and endemic danger from the Satanic elite. It is their research that is presented here.

Jimmy Savile: Doorway to the cesspit (David Icke Website) 

Pedophile Rings and 10 Downing Street (David Icke Website)

The British Establishment Pedophiles everywhere (David Icke) 

The Franklin Cover Up Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska : John DeCamp (PDF ebook download)

Government Child Abuse Conspiracy of Silence: Discovery Channel BANNED documentary

This documentary was made by British TV company “Yorkshire Television” they spent in the region of $500,000-1,000,000 in producing this.

One main reason it was pulled is because at the time, Capitol hill was debating the “entire future” of Cable TV and was warned that showing this documentary exposing the pedophile elite would make the Cable TV industry lose the argument.

Moreover, if you care about justice you’ll watch this and you will read John DeCamps excellent book exposing the scum for what they are.

Cover Up and Johnny Gosch Story (Video) 

Alisha Owen: Gary Caradori interview (Video) 

The Franklin Cover Up: John DeCamp (Video) 

Paul Bonacci debriefing with Ted Gunderson (Video) 

Paul Bonacci debriefing with Ted Gunderson Part II (Video) 

Trance-Formation of America Cathy O’Brien & Mark Philips (PDF download ebook)