My View On The Satanic Monument Plan For Oklahoma Capitol

Satanic Temple Unveils 7 Foot Goat Headed Baphomet Statue For Oklahoma Capitol  Via World

I have no idea why people are surprised at a Satanic organization’s plan to put a Satan statue in the Oklahoma capitol building, the fact is that religion should be kept out of public and political life “separation of Church and State”?

Because as everyone yearns to be represented and accepted the actions of allowing a Christian monument will no doubt prompt other religions, however distasteful to many to want to be represented.

Therefore having no religious effigy, statue or language in any political life would have stopped this from taking place.

To my mindset faith is a private and deeply personal thing and should never be used as a plaything in the political Arena. 

As a Christian I do have a christian view of life and do at times offer my take on life from this standpoint, yet I also accept that people will disagree, be they Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, Satanists or even Atheists.

Tolerance is a must, yet people will be offended at times by anyone’s views, that’s life and people need to get used to it, not everyone is the same and we cannot  keep holding people’s hands on particular subjects.

You wanted equality, but only equality that favors you? Unlucky, everyone has a say, whether you like it or not.

Let us not fight amongst ourselves over beliefs, when it is clear that the real Satanists form the Government of the world, the Catholic church, Freemasons et al. 




Hilary Clinton sex secrets exposed

Exposed: Hillary Clinton’s sex secrets.  Video Via Center for Western Journalism

Lesbian affairs that have oft been rumoured since the 1970’s corruption and cover-ups. Hillary Clinton has done it all. Moreover she is next in line for the US presidency, this video highlights some yet not all of her despicable acts.

For more details of Hillary Clinton’s evil actions I turn your attention to the books of Fritz Springmeier and Cathy O’Brien. All of which are available on this blog as free pdf download

Obama Busted: Birth Certificate contains words/Phrases that did not exist in 1961

The eligibility row rumbles on, with Sheriff Apairo and his ludicrously named “cold case posse” delivering nothing. Now we have this article appearing to show how the birth certificate is false.

Whatever evidence there is that Obama was indeed born outside the United States, nothing, or no one will ever be allowed to get close to revealing the truth. 

He is controlled and protected and a simple birth certificate mistake wouldn’t have or couldn’t ever derail these Illuminati scum. Via Before it’s news