Paris Jackson and the Illuminati

Although this is in the grand scheme of our fast paced society “old news” in some respects on July 13th 2013 Paris Jackson was moved to an “undisclosed” treatment facility after her suicide attempt.

Some people would say that this was a cry for help and that is exactly what the mainstream media and the Jackson spokespeople have stated, yet if this was a simple cry for help and a “throwing a huge fit because she was not allowed to a Marilyn Manson concert” as was also reported, then why is she still held “for her own safety”?

Surely someone who was only asking for help and didn’t intend to hurt herself would not be a danger after getting the attention and help she craved?

But this goes into more disturbing territory when you see what Ms Jackson posted on her Twitter and instagram accounts. The tweets and pictures depicting and referencing “They”

This also just happens to include the all seeing eye and pentagram. While never mentioned by name it is clear that all the symbols are of Freemasonic and Satanic origin which are staples for the Illuminati.

Moreover, the Illuminati knowing that their name, plans and their practices have been exposed have been using mainstream media to dilute the effect of the name, so it becomes cliche and laughable. Beyonce and her freemasonic shrill husband Jay Z have been spearheading this assault on the publics perceptions of a very real and very dangerous entity.

It is no coincidence that Paris Jackson tweeted and posted such material, attempted suicide and then was whisked away from everyone and held in a secret location, for only her handlers know.

Those who are familiar with the Illuminati and monarch mind control recognize the tell tale signs of someone trying to fight against her programming and then ultimately being taken for more programming. At Paris’s young age her programming will need a lot of reinforcement and could be the reason that she has attended the Lake Shrine “Self realization fellowship”

This could be her center of programming, but as she has tried to rebel against it, her abusers have now had to take further action to insure her programming stays in place.

The Lake Shrine facility was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda and teaches Yoga, which has been used extensively upon Illuminati mind control slaves see Fritz springmeier’s and Cathy O’Brien’s books for details (which are available on the pink flashlight in free PDF download)

Yogananda seemed to have had establishment connections addressing both indian and American congresses regarding “The Science of Religion”  This new age religious doctrine is the cornerstone of the Illuminati’s one world religion through the United Nations sponsored Lucis Trust.

Yoga and Hatha Yoga (which is used by the Jesuits also a NWO branch) espouses that people can become God or close to God while alive, but the God that the Illuminati worship is Lucifer. 

When you piece together what Paris Jackson has placed online, she is indeed trying to break free of their control, yet while the majority of the world dismiss the information and laugh at it while supporting evil uncle Tom’s like Jay Z then Paris and other mind control victims  do not stand a chance at redemption. They and indeed the millions and millions of people who support unknowingly the Illuminati through victims Like Lady Gaga and shrills like Beyonce and Jay Z live in a mental prison. 

No one can comprehend the pain and suffering a Monarch Mind Control slave goes through and their prison is total, from cradle to grave they are shattered into many personalities so they have never lived a life, the glimpse we get of the monarch slave such as Paris’s tweets and pictures offer us a scant insight into their hell. People who idolize the Illuminati puppets at least have a choice to be educated, but they are kept entertained and lied to , so they choose their comfortable prison. 

What follows is the tweets and pictures that Paris Jackson posted, they have since been deleted from her feeds.

The skull with the finger over its mouth and a crack in the head is extremely indicative of the fracturing of the mind to create multiple personalities through trauma. 















6 thoughts on “Paris Jackson and the Illuminati

  1. It is, and When people get angry and give abuse to monarch slaves such as Lady Gaga, as I have been guilty of in the past we need to remember that these people have been through diabolical torture and conditioning to facilitate them to perform as they do. We need to pity them through what must be an existence of pure fear and hopelessness. Thank you also for your kind words – Sakura

  2. Sounds like Paris needs to hang with Malala Yousafzai and mount up some butt kicking. These NWO guys, though, aren’t people to be messed with. I’m surprised she had the courage to come out and be so plain about what’s really going on.

  3. Yogananda wrote a commentary on the bible and the gita. Just because Springmeier and various authors say Yoga and meditation is an NWO plot doesn’t mean people should Yoga and meditation were passed down from the wise. Just because the corrupted twist these technologies to manipulate people doesn’t mean yoga is part of some new age conspiracy. Yogananda was not trying to synthesize all religions he was saying that the essence of true religion is yoga. Yoga is scientific because particular practices will produce results which enhance and enlighten ones consciousness. You’re portraying Yogananda to fit the NWO agenda despite the fact that he did not synthesis the bible and the gita into one system of new beliefs with Lucifer or extraterrestrial entities as God. God is within yourself. Yoga brings one to a realization of this. This is what Yogananda taught and what has been taught by the wise men of the east for thousands of years. Just because people don’t agree with this doesn’t mean that all forms of yoga and meditation are Luciferian.


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