On The Trail Of The Pedophile Elite In World Governments books and videos

With regard to the latest news from the UK about historical sexual abuse by government ministers and people “close” to government, enclosed here is a compendium of evidence that shows that this is not just a UK problem, but a worldwide problem that no one has the tenacity to believe and expose to a wider audience.

There are some people who, regardless of the danger and the ridicule they may face from controlled media have decided to expose this real, present and endemic danger from the Satanic elite. It is their research that is presented here.

Jimmy Savile: Doorway to the cesspit (David Icke Website) 

Pedophile Rings and 10 Downing Street (David Icke Website)

The British Establishment Pedophiles everywhere (David Icke) 

The Franklin Cover Up Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska : John DeCamp (PDF ebook download)

Government Child Abuse Conspiracy of Silence: Discovery Channel BANNED documentary

This documentary was made by British TV company “Yorkshire Television” they spent in the region of $500,000-1,000,000 in producing this.

One main reason it was pulled is because at the time, Capitol hill was debating the “entire future” of Cable TV and was warned that showing this documentary exposing the pedophile elite would make the Cable TV industry lose the argument.

Moreover, if you care about justice you’ll watch this and you will read John DeCamps excellent book exposing the scum for what they are.

Cover Up and Johnny Gosch Story (Video) 

Alisha Owen: Gary Caradori interview (Video) 

The Franklin Cover Up: John DeCamp (Video) 

Paul Bonacci debriefing with Ted Gunderson (Video) 

Paul Bonacci debriefing with Ted Gunderson Part II (Video) 

Trance-Formation of America Cathy O’Brien & Mark Philips (PDF download ebook) 


Headlines of the day 11/12/2014

Military creates wearable robots for soldiers (Prophecy News Watch)

People line up to get microchips implanted in their hands, mark of the beast is on the way (Pakalert Press) 

Global arms race directed by robots (Now the end begins) 

The how and why behind Obama’s rise to the presidency (Before it’s news) 

News of the Day 11/3/2014

US destroying Syria’s oil infrastructure under the guise of fighting ISIS ( Daily Sheeple) 

Video: Obama’s own grandmother admits he was born in Kenya (Secrets of the Fed) 

Is a HAARP weather weapon causing the California drought? (Activist Post) 

Spain imposes “google Tax” on internet content aggregators (Activist Post) 

TTIP: Governance by the corporations for the corporations (Activist Post)