The United Kingdom: Welcome to the dangers of Fracking

There is right now a protest ongoing in the Village of Balcombe, West Sussex from people who have concerns over the safety of Fracking for Shale gas.

Fracking has caused earthquakes in Blackpool, Lancashire in the UK before the new test was to be administered in Sussex.

Water is said to be polluted along with these earth tremors, and so even if they are not fracking yet, they will once their tests are complete.

Moreover the UK government has just announced tax breaks for shale gas fracking operations of up to 50%

So, as the UK moves towards this, let us look at what they can look forward to if they do not wake up and make their voices heard.

Get angry and speak out or get walked upon

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev : The leaked photographs that prove the Government lies

When Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arrested after being found laying in a boat, the main stream media regurgitated what the FBI, State Police and the American Government had told them.

Dzhokhar was in a critical condition with leg and neck wounds. The neck wound was attributed to a gun shot, and it was reportedly so severe that he may never talk again. 

It was also reported he attempted suicide as it appeared that he may have placed the gun in his mouth and fired. He had apparently lost “so much blood” that if he hadn’t been found he may have “bled to death” 

So, it all seems like a smooth story thus far: A terror suspect goes on the run after being identified by the FBI, it ends in a shootout, his brother ends up dead, Dzhokhar is also said to have ran over his brother in trying to escape. 

Dzhokhar is then found in a boat by a man who noticed a “trail of blood” 

The police arrive arrest him and find him with extensive wounds. He has been arrested and will stand trial. 

Then Rolling Stone magazine placed his photo on to their front page to outrage and consternation over the “rock star” treatment of the terror suspect. 




So, so outraged was one police officer, that he leaked “The real face of terror” to the mainstream press. 

This was a critical mistake, remember he lost so much blood he may have died, he had a severe neck wound, he could not talk, and needed medical attention and may never talk again, such as was the extensive damage. 

Let us take a look at Dzhokhar and his extensive injuries courtesy of leaked photographs 





Now let us also look at the other photographs being shown in the media 








So, where is the “extensive” neck injury that may render him “unable to talk again” ?

Included are some news articles from the time of his capture and beyond 

Bomb Suspect cannot speak as doctors treat throat wound

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev bled for hours from neck and leg wounds  “May not have lived” if not found

Dxhokhar Tsnaraev’s throat wound: Another Government lie bites the dust

Whatever the truth is, you are not getting it from the FBI, washington and the Boston Police. 

Research this for yourself, we are being lied to. 



The Princess Diana letter : “A little Accident”



” I am sitting here at my desk today in October, longing for someone to hug me and encourage me to keep strong and hold my head up high.

This particular phase of my life is the most dangerous My Husband is planning “An accident” in my car. Brake failure or serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all. 

Princess Diana 

The Tiggy the letter referred to was the former nanny to Prince William Tiggy legge Bourke 


Celebrities under Monarch Mind Control Part II

NAME: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga)

PRIMARY MONARCH PROGRAM: Gamma Programming (Demonic)


CONDITIONING VIA: Joe Germanotta (Handler)

Lady Gaga, is perhaps the most blatant of all the mind control slaves to be in the public spotlight.

Her symbolism used on stage and in her album art is very clearly occultic, freemasonic and Satanic. She frequently uses the one eye symbolism of the “Eye of Horus-All seeing eye” of Freemasonry, the “triple 6 hand sign”, the Diabolo sign which is the “devil horns” and has its roots in Satanism, created by Satanist and Theosophist  Helen Keller, who created the sign with Lucifer/Satan in mind.

Her photo shoots also expound the mystery religions, Satanism and Illuminati mind control and she is modelled on the Goddess Astarte/Innana/Ishtar.

She was called the “Lady/Queen of Heaven” “Opener of the womb”  and is the spirit of love, sex and war. Worshiped in Sumeria (Iran) Mesopotamia (Iraq) and by Amorites, Jews etc she was at times sexually ambiguous just like Lady Gaga with her “alter” Jo Calderone.

She was also ruler in hell, in one myth and her planet is Venus which is also associated with Lucifer/Satan.

She also embraces the Baphomet (Satan) symbolism “As above, so below”

Moreover there has also been speculation that Gaga is an hermaphrodite thus lending more credence to her role in duality.

Her choice of her alter ego’s name may be a “tribute” to her father and handler Joe Germanotta whom she gave 50% of her earnings to.

More to her demonic nature is that her perfume  “Fame” which according to Gaga herself smelled like “Blood and Seamen”. She was also reportedly kicked out of a hotel for performing a Satanic ritual with a bath full of blood.

Recently she suffered an injury to her hip which kept her out of action for months, those who recognize the Illuminati mind control formula can clear pick up on a barbaric torture method used by their programmers, where limbs are violently ripped from sockets to induce trauma.

We will now look at some of her photo-shoot pictures.


The Triple 6 hand sign and the “All seeing eye”

ImageOne Eye symbolism and tripe 6 hand sign


Baphomet “As above so below” and note flying doves, which are Astartre’s bird symbol


And again


Baphomet and George Washington monument just so you can see how ingrained this all is. Notice also how Baphomet/Satan/Lucifer is also sexually ambiguous.

Gaga’s alter is her male side, just as Astartre and Innana had.



Astarte/Inanna  statue. Bohemian grove owls also make an appearance

Astarte/Inanna statue. Bohemian grove owls also make an appearance

Gaga’s ties go right to the top of the Illuminati tree, she, through her ‘Born this way” foundation has teamed up with UNICEF a UN charity, the UN also supports the Satanic Theosophy.

Her philanthropy is also in keeping with Luciferian/Satanic doctrine “As above so below is about balancing your deeds good with bad.

Yet all the Illuminati’s “good” deeds serve them to get richer or a preferred outcome, so it cannot be considered good, it’s merely feathering their nests with an absence of evil on that occasion.

finally even the most innocuous parts of her personality and construction have meaning behind them. Lady Gaga’s name comes from the Queen track “Radio Gaga” in which Queen used the symbolism of the movie “Metropolis” (1927) which tells the tale of we poor workers being worked harshly while the rich who live above in plush cities enjoy the fruits of the workers labor. The movie is replete with occult symbolism and also has comparisons with Bohemian Groves “Cremation of Care” Molech worship where the workers are fed into the machine.


Metropolis “Molech” clip 

Lady Gaga gives 50% of earnings to her father 

Lady Gaga Satanic ritual 

Lady Gaga “blood and seamen” perfume, which is also unisex, in keeping with her symbolism 

As one can plainly see, Gaga is a total monarch mind control, a vehicle for the Illuminati control system to seduce the youth into following the New World order doctrine.

Sadly many have and will continue to fall for this, she should be disparaged yet she should also be pitied, it is not for choice she does all this.

I hope that at least some people will wake up in order to break free of NWO control. It isn’t a great place to be when it first happens, but after a while everything around you dissolves and the lies become blatant and you will wonder how you could ever have been so blind