9/11/2014 Missing airplanes, ISIS and a possible false flag attack

I believe that not so long ago the alternative media and the many thousands of truth seekers stopped an Illuminati event at the 2012 Olympics. Thus now, before we get to the anniversary of  one of the darkest days in American history, the day that actually woke me up to the whole NWO agenda we have a duty to supply the following information in order that is something does occur we have documented proof that it was foretold, and if we knew, then the so called “Intelligence” community knew. 

If something does not, then that is a victory, we will never be able to say the information stopped anything, but no one can say we didn’t try. 


MSM media warns ISIS sending 11 missing Libyan airliners to America on /9/112014 (b4in)

Saudi King warns West of ISIL Takifi terrorism (PakAlertPress) 

ISIS to attack on 9/11/2014 Fox puts out an article on website then deletes it from site (PakAlertPress)

Report: Texas facing clear and present threat from ISIS (WND.com)