Crucifixion of San Carlos – Smart Meters agenda 21 Iclei and the city council

Agenda 21 via Anthony J Hilder


Monarch Mind Control

This entry is a basic overview of Monarch mind control, and while it will not touch on specific cases, one will be able to correlate the programming with recent events and the on going Illuminati symbolism and puppets who promote them.



Firstly, monarch mind control is not a subject that can be approached in a frivolous way, it is deadly serious, unbelievably upsetting to people of conscience  and unfortunately real.


The Monarch mind control abuse starts in utero (before birth). The Illuminati breeder will have pins inserted into her which reach the fetus and cause pain, which starts the dissociation process.

Once the victim is born, the “love bombing” of the child begins where the child is given all the love and affection that is craves to create a bond with the handler. This love lasts for 18 months and then is abruptly taken away to further make the child disassociate and to live inside their head. The Child will constantly strive to please the handler and will find that nothing they do results in love. They then identify “pain is love” and “love is pain” and come to accept this treatment as the norm.

Josef Mengele (AKA Dr Green or Greenbaum) actively taught his subjects to call him daddy.


Electro Encephalograms (EEG) are performed to monitor the “suitability” of the subject.  Eugenics is very important and also generational satanic bloodlines which are said to pass down “occult power” in the blood and also the intelligence of the parents.  Those that are brought in from “inferior” bloodlines who do not make the grade are sacrificed in ceremonies or handed over for snuff movies. Bohemian Grove’s “cremation of care” is recorded for this purpose.


Other disgusting practices as placing children in small cages that are placed one upon another are employed.

They are also placed into sensory deprivation tanks and told not to move, any movement results in an electric shock.


Children are placed in vats of bloodand faeces up to the neck, tortured and forced to eat such things.

 Specific landmarks of their lives are also met with torture, such as birthdays. The parents of the victim who are either part of the Illuminati system or blackmailed into giving their children to the elite are encouraged to abuse the child through pins and burning on these days or to “correct” them. Moreover during programming, it is placed into the child’s mind that their father abused them, as a cover should the programming fail.


The programming itself, apart from brutal tortures and satanic rituals uses hypnosis and drug treatments. Once the brutal torture has split the victims mind into shards, the programmer can then create multiple personalities. All Monarch slaves have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) formally knows as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

These personalities consist of many different types, depending on what the victim has been chosen to be. Not all Monarch Slaves are pop stars or actors, many are doctors, military personnel and even devout Christian preachers

All Monarch slaves are have an “Alpha” personality which is the one that is on show the majority of the time. Then follows many sub-types of personality.


The “core” personality is split into many shards, the core is then hidden, alters are created for specific purposes, there are then clone alters and guardian alters.

Clone alters are programmed to think they are robots, but they are little child alters.

Guardian alters are there for protecting the programming, if any alter is in danger of remembering any trauma or forbidden facet of their programming then the guardian alter shut the alter down and then seeks more programming.

There are also suicide alters, who smile and give the impression of being happy whist the intent is for this alter to kill the body. (Anna Nicole Smith?)


Beta programming is sexual slave programming, the elite use Beta slaves for sex  to “sell sex” to the masses and to appear in Illuminati porn movies, which always end up in a persons death for their sick pleasure.


Chi programming is various phrases specific to the particular slave, these are triggers for the slave to “return to cult”


Delta programming is assassination programming. Many Amish are delta slaves, also many “lone gunmen”  are delta programmed. This is done by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) drugs, ELF waves (Extremely low frequency)

These waves can create very violent states, depressed, sexually aggressive, change cellular chemistry, M/RNA can be inhibited or enhanced also DNA transaction processes can be controlled, and thus be incited to kill.


Gamma programming concerns placing demons within the mind control grid.

The Grid usually contains 32 alters and can be expanded. Apart from specialist alter personalities these demonic entities are placed within the victim to possess them, they are placed there by demonic Illuminati ceremonies.


These people are victims of the worst kind of abuse imaginable, the satanic elite control these people, relish in their enslavement, use them for nefarious activities. The victims have never had a life outside of pain and torture and are so controlled by hypnosis, trauma and drugs, their life has never been their own and that is something that needs to be comprehended, they are born, used and discarded like a plaything of rich and powerful individuals.


Some people do willingly serve these elites and promote their cause through their works, but the true slave has no freedom to choose what path they take.

Moreover there is a dichotomy  of Satanism of light and dark. Lucifer is the “light” and Satan is “darkness”, thus it is not surprising that these people are seen in public donating what amounts to small change of their fortunes to worthy causes, whilst perpetrating the most heinous crimes. Their belief in balance of good and evil deeds is what drives them to make that donation to reduce famine, while promoting eugenicist plans for killing the population of the world.

Pray for the victims, despise the perpetrators and their henchmen and expose the truth.


God Speed,





Christina Aguilera “Fighter” the Illuminati connection


If you are unfamilliar with the workings of the Illuiminati Satanic ruling elite and their methods, or are unaware of the writings of Fritz Springmeier, then what follows will be hard to believe and appear to be abject nonsense.


However if you familliarise ones self with the methods of Illuminati mind control, then this video will take on a whole new meaning.


One of the methods of creating a Monarch mind control slave is to ensure that the newborn is born premature.

The selection process starts before birth, but once the infant is born then they have to be nurtured and have the”fight” within them to overcome being born early.


In the video we see Aguilera in a glass case, which could be symbolic of an incubator.

We then see her draped in black, and also being stabbed with pins.

In Utero, the fetus will be stabbed with pins that are introduced through the mothers abdomen while pregnant to traumatize the unborn. Could this be symbolizing such an activity?


Then she transforms and thanks an unknown entity for making her stronger. “Without the torture, she would not be so strong now”

She then transforms into a white costume and moths are drawn to the flame and burn. This could also be taken as a metaphor for the masses being drawn to a false God and being burned for it.


And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light 2 Corinthians 11:14


She then transmogrifies again into black, and flashes of red are seen on the screen. Another aspect of the Illuminati is that the first born male of an Illuminati breeder is prefered to be a sacrifice to Satan. Could this red symbolize such a blood ritual?

She finishes the video with the familliar one eye symbolism of the Illuminati


This may not be a correct view, yet it is eerily similar to what happens in Illuminati Monarch mind control and does need investigating more


God speed – Sakura

Stand up, wake up

Earth hour, climate change it is time we stopped listening and giving succour to the propaganda that is designed to enslave and tax to the hilt.

It is time we quit the dream and awaken to the reality of the New World Order, it isn’t just a group of old men thinking they can still wrestle.


It’s time we told you, it is the bankers, Rothschild’s and Dupont’s to name just two and between them they pull the puppet strings of the CEO’s like Obama.

They orchestrate false flag terror attacks as psychodrama for their Satanic beliefs and they will stop at nothing until we the cattle, not we the people are dead meat.


They make the rules and wield the tools of our oppression. We are the cattle who need control, the dogs they use to wage war and throw us substandard food, so we can eat. Pink slime is fine for the slave class, microchips in the hand so they can keep track until we are all herded into our FEMA camps.


All it will take is another planned atrocity and while we are dying they are making the money, passing stock options on the market making the bombs that blow us away, yet fail to enrage due to fluoride and their Monarch puppets who entertain and indoctrinate us with symbolism of the all seeing eye.

With high priestess Gaga leading the Satanic sermon so many “monsters” adhere and won’t wake up, they are anesthetized as they are poisoned with the chem-trails that don’t exist like the CIA LSD trails and MK Ultra that were later admitted to but most was destroyed, so that the link with Mengele was not publically exposed.


But for those who know, we will spread the word and truly illuminate this world while you unfurl and devise plans to plunge us into empirical darkness, practiced at Bohemian Grove, with the cremation of care dressed in your Satanic regalia at the feet of Molech.


We also know that you leak information out through your agents and that you wanted us to know a little just to see how far you could push.

It is hard to stomach but it is all true, just as Satan deceives as an angel of light.

His servants put their children through Satanic Ritual Abuse, parents who sold their progeny into Satanic slavery even before they were born experimented on until they disassociate from the evil that has been performed on them, by way of alters before being groomed as stars and once they outlive their purpose your media reports they have died.

And the story is always the same, prescription drugs, accidental overdose, but the truth will out and the truth is that they are ritualistically murdered as they try to fight back and find their way to God, as the Monarch conditioning fails and the young stars “go off the rails” and start talking in brogues that are not their own, becoming others to escape who they are, due to the pain they are in.


They are all part of the deception to keep us pacified, silent and reliant on these modern age deities and big brother government.

And those at the top have all bases covered as they know many don’t care, they are the new warders, those that are scared, they are expendable and those who have faith in the lord and for them they have project blue beam to deceive the world into a second coming and as the barium solidifies the hologram people will drop and are lost to Satanic tyranny entwined with the new age movement and common purpose through the CFRs Rick Warren, whose words are barren and devoid of meaning as he reaches out to make “Chrislam” a one size fits all religion but please do not be deceived  by this evil.

Truth is to be revealed but not through such false prophets and idols that by uniting us will divide us from the flock and even if you do not believe the elite do and they will stop at nothing to persuade you they are right whilst being wrong and take you from where you belong as the so-called elite reside at the top with untainted seeds, hidden away in Norway, while we are given GM feed, injected with poisonous vaccines, sprayed with death from above, blown up, killed, young men and women off to fight in wars based on lies to thin us all out as they adhere to agenda 21 and the Georgia Guide stones, that states to keep the population low, kill us all until they are alone, control it all with thanks to Satan and their paradise.


Yes, we are the underdogs in this fight, but it is not the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog. Stand up, wake up!