Headlines of the day 5/3/2015

Police raid Harvey Proctor’s home in child sex abuse investigation (Telegraph) 

Police raid Harvey Proctor’s home under “operation Midland” (ExaroNews) 

Harvey Proctor denies attending Dolphin Square sex parties (ExaroNews) 

Horrific leaked video of an execution of a terrified 11 year old child by alleged Obama backed militia’s in Iraq (beforeit’snews)

Hilary Clinton’s off the books mail server was in her house, registered to non existent man (Breitbart.com) 

Brother of 9/11 victim goes to court with the BBC over alleged cover up (David Icke.com)

Demands to shut down Homan Square grow, 1,500 people expected to protest Saturday (Beforeit’snews) 


Headlines of The Day 3/2/2015

Senior counter-terrorism official- “Travellers, women may not be allowed to leave London, Terror to blame, passports can be revoked. (Intellihub)

Iraq Popular forces release photo’s of downed US Helicopter CARRYING arms for ISIS (FARSnews) 

Unmasked: Just how “well known” was Jihadi John prior to staged ISIS beeadings (21st Century Wire)

DHS admits: We stage domestic terrorism (videos) (B4IN)

All Texans to be tracked like dogs under ominous Big Brother vaccine database (Natural News)