Headlines of the day 11/12/2014

Military creates wearable robots for soldiers (Prophecy News Watch)

People line up to get microchips implanted in their hands, mark of the beast is on the way (Pakalert Press) 

Global arms race directed by robots (Now the end begins) 

The how and why behind Obama’s rise to the presidency (Before it’s news) 


Headlines of the day 11/112014

False Flag warning: Full scale “ebola” pandemic drill to go live on 13 Nov. FEMA and role players involved (Pakalert press)

US intel: Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 – we can prove it (Pakalert press) 

Western news suppression about the downing of MH-17 jet (Pakalert press) 

News of the Day 11/3/2014

US destroying Syria’s oil infrastructure under the guise of fighting ISIS ( Daily Sheeple) 

Video: Obama’s own grandmother admits he was born in Kenya (Secrets of the Fed) 

Is a HAARP weather weapon causing the California drought? (Activist Post) 

Spain imposes “google Tax” on internet content aggregators (Activist Post) 

TTIP: Governance by the corporations for the corporations (Activist Post) 

Stories of the day 10/30/2014

Mysterious no fly zones set up over Disney theme parks (B4IN) 

The Most Coveted Illuminati Pagan Night of sacrifice, is Halloween a harmless kids holiday? (B4IN) 

Anti Quarantine nurse Hickox was trained as an intelligence officer by the CDC (Natural News) 

More media foreshadowing of massive false flag attack in US (Daily Sheeple) 

The Pope’s embrace of evolution brings us one step closer to a one world religion (Daily Sheeple) 

William Cooper 9/11 As it happened Live

William Cooper: The unadulterated truth of 9/11 from the man who not only predicted the attack in 1991 with his book “Behold A Pale Horse” (Available for free download on this blog) but called it for what it was and what subsequent events would follow.

This man died November 6th 2001 supposedly from a resulting firefight with police over taxes. But one needs to seriously look at what he said then and knowing that before anyone else years ahead of time and mere hours into the unfolding events he told you what would happen and how they planned it. It is not a stretch to think he was murdered for being a shining light of truth that shattered the dark lies that came out following the attacks and subsequent erosion of freedoms and endless wars.