Stories of the day 10/30/2014

Mysterious no fly zones set up over Disney theme parks (B4IN) 

The Most Coveted Illuminati Pagan Night of sacrifice, is Halloween a harmless kids holiday? (B4IN) 

Anti Quarantine nurse Hickox was trained as an intelligence officer by the CDC (Natural News) 

More media foreshadowing of massive false flag attack in US (Daily Sheeple) 

The Pope’s embrace of evolution brings us one step closer to a one world religion (Daily Sheeple) 


Judge says Du Pont Heir “will not fare well in prison”

Judeg says DuPont heir “Will not fare well in prison” (Delawareonline) 

Once again and as predicted Illuminati bloodline pedophile Robert H. Richards IV, heir to the DuPont empire will NOT go to prison for raping his children.

Note the name, DuPont, one of the 13 Illuminati satanic families. Of course he was never going to go to prison, like all the Illuminati scum, they are protected and facilitated in their crimes, be it perverse sexual rituals, pleasure or fleecing people and countries of money.

How much more of these stories will it take for the majority to wake up and say “no more”?

Disgusting: Clinton snared in pedophile ring

Clinton snared in pedophile ring (WesternJournalism)

For those who have read or have heard of the books by Brice Taylor or Cathy O’Brien this will come as no surprise at all, if this is true as if oft stated in circles of the alternative media it not only serves to solidify the claims made by Taylor, O’Brien, Springmeier et al, but also vindicates them for living for years with the ridicule of the masses.

Read more on this and more claims with the links below

Books for free download

The Tranceformaion of America – Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips PDF 

Thanks for the memories – Brice Taylor PDF 


Behold A Pale Horse – William Cooper

Behold A Pale Horse- William Cooper PDF 

William “Bill” Cooper exposes with great detail and official documents the New World Order/Illuminati conspiracy. Bill was a true patriot and truth seeker, unlike the shill Alex Jones. Cooper decried Jones on many occasions and foretold the 9/11 attacks, he consequently died in a shootout over charges of Tax Evasion. Those who knew Bill for who he was know that calling 9/11 cost him his life. 

The coming four blood moons

Total Lunar Eclipse – Passover (15th April, 2014)

Total Lunar Eclipse – Feast of Tabernacles (8th October, 2014) (but feast actually starts 9th of October)

Total Lunar Eclipse – Passover (4th April, 2015)

Total Lunar Eclipse – Feast of Tabernacles (28th September, 2015)

Keep these dates, note them well, what sort of rituals have the Illuminati got planned for these dates? (VIA

DuPont heir avoids jail time after raping two of his children

DuPont heir avoids jail time after raping two of his children (DailySheeple)

For those who know, the Dupont Family are a Satanic Illuminati bloodline family. We also know that other Illuminati families are riddled with pedophiles and they have all been protected.

No change here, as we see Robert H. Richards IV is spared jail time for raping two of his children, and so far all charges are only civil.

“According to the lawsuit, he admitted in April 2010 to sexually abusing his son. Those assaults began around December 2005, when the boy was 19 months old, and continued for about two years, the lawsuit said.”

Do not expect this to change, they protect their own, they perform Satanic rituals that involve sickening acts and this is just more proof that the Illuminati bloodline members are protected 

For more on the Illuminati bloodlines, look for the Fritz Springmeier book available for free PDF download on this blog