William Cooper 9/11 As it happened Live

William Cooper: The unadulterated truth of 9/11 from the man who not only predicted the attack in 1991 with his book “Behold A Pale Horse” (Available for free download on this blog) but called it for what it was and what subsequent events would follow.

This man died November 6th 2001 supposedly from a resulting firefight with police over taxes. But one needs to seriously look at what he said then and knowing that before anyone else years ahead of time and mere hours into the unfolding events he told you what would happen and how they planned it. It is not a stretch to think he was murdered for being a shining light of truth that shattered the dark lies that came out following the attacks and subsequent erosion of freedoms and endless wars.


Newly declassified gov. Docs. US knew about and ignored 9/11 plot

Newly declassified gov. Docs. US new about and ignored 9/11 plot (Secrets of The Fed)

This comes as no surprise, but by the very nature of this being declassified after so many denials of ever having prior knowledge suggests that they not only knew but there is also a very strong case to be made that they performed this operation themselves. 

Mega-list of 9/11 suspicious circumstances and flaws in the official story

Mega-list of 9/11 suspicious circumstances and flaws in the official story (USA Hitman) 

Not a complete list by any means, but it is a very good reference point for someone just starting to research the 9/11 inside job


Illuminati, Crowley, Masons, Symbols and Satanism.

A rcoones video. Fritz Springmeier recent presentation to the PDX 9/11 Truth Group. He outlines some of his research on The Illuminati Masons and Satanist symbols hidden in plain sight. He has written extensively on the subject. Jordan Maxwell is one of the original researchers on the Illuminati along with Anthony J Hilder


Flashback: Illuminati ritual at ground zero

In the coming days, we will once again be bombarded with propaganda regarding the “official story” of 9/11

I intend to redress the balance. In that vein, remember this from the 9/11 anniversary?


9/11 Truth documentaries

The Demolition of WTC Towers: What was used? 

9/11 Mohamed Atta and the Venice flying circus 

Mysterious Deaths of Key 9/11 Witnesses 

Barrie Zwicker “The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 Special you never saw.

The Above are all links to four great documentaries that expose the media, and government and their culpability in the false flag mass murder that was 9/11 


Dr Judy Wood- Directed energy weapons theory of 9/11

Dr Judy Wood video 1 

Dr Judy Wood on Edge Media TV