David Icke newsletters – The Pedophile elite in the UK

Jimmy Savile…. Doorway to the cesspit 

Pedophile rings…and 10 Downing Street 

The British establishment- Pedophiles everywhere 

Collected here are three newsletters from David Icke’s website that tells the story of the pedophile elite. just like the US pedophile elite they hide in the shadows and are protected from ever being caught. Evidence is ignored, denied and buried. 

For more on the US establishment elite see the Cathy O’Brien book “Tranceformation of America” and the Book “Thanks for the memories” all available for free PDF download on this blog. 


One thought on “David Icke newsletters – The Pedophile elite in the UK

  1. Last week some parents were treated to a mild scare when it was found out that an alleged syndicate was active in their area. I don’t know all the details, but apparently one woman’s child was stolen right off her back (the spiriting away of the little one wasn’t successful though.) my thoughts come down to this (and it’s nothing new.) when children are kidnapped and taken out of their respective countries, slavery in whatever form its gonna manifest itself is definitely in the books. Mostly (childlabourers aside) it’s all about the sex. The provision of fresh meat and minds to bend for the pedophilic pleasure of the highrankers. Hey, i’m out, thanks for the following. Shalum.

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